Printing & Photocopies

Campus is in the middle of a migration to a new pay-for-print solution. Very little will change for your standard printing: your Wiscard, pay-for-print cards, and NetIDs will continue to work with this new solution. As locations migrate, you may notice that the print release station software changes, but the process of printing is largely the same.

Wireless printing: the new system will support wireless printing from laptops, phones, and tablets, although we need to get through the full migration before allowing wireless printing on the new system. More information about how and where to print wirelessly during this migration is available on our wireless printing page at

Black & White Printing

Cost: $.07 per page / per side


Color Printing

Cost: $.60 per page


Poster Printing

Cost: $4.00/per square foot ($4.00 minimum)

More information here.


  • College Library
  • MERIT Library
    NOTE: MERIT won’t be printing poster between August 12-27, and will not accept poster prints after 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 10.  We will start accepting print requests again on Monday, August 28 at 12 pm. Questions? Email:
  • Steenbock Library