Library COVID-19 Dashboard

Library COVID-19 Dashboard
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Photocopiers and Book Scanners

At this time, general access to scanning is not available in the libraries.

There are several ways to scan documents at home with just a smart phone or tablet:

  • iOS 11+ has scanning build into the Notes app.
  • Android users can scan from their Google Drive app.
  • Microsoft Office Lens is a free tool that will let you convert images to PDF, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint files.
  • Adobe Scan is a free tool (with in-app paid upgrades) that lets you turn images into PDFs, sign PDF forms, and more.


Library Pay at Copiers with: Scan to email for free? Book Scanner?
College  Cash, Wiscard Yes Yes, free to scan
Historical Library Yes, free to scan
Memorial Cash, Wiscard Yes Yes, free to scan
Steenbock Wiscard Yes Yes, free to scan