The UW-Madison libraries are committed to providing access to all library facilities and collections for people with disabilities. Whenever possible, the libraries will select and acquire resources and technologies that are accessible to all in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. For those parts of the historical library collections that are not accessible, the libraries are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access in appropriately reformatted media that are accessible to library users with disabilities.

Contact Information

If you need a resource or accommodation that is not listed on this page, please contact Todd Michelson-Ambelang:

Please do not share your disability or medical information in your email or phone message. If further information is needed, you will be notified.

Every library location has at least one accessible entrance. Please see this Campus Building Locations and Entrances list for details.


For information on accessible transportation options and accessible parking on campus, please see Transportation Services. Note that you must have a UW Disabled (UW DIS) permit to use campus disabled parking stalls. State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) disabled permits are not sufficient to use campus parking stalls, and you will receive a ticket.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in the Libraries. Campus has more information about Assistance and Service Animals. In addition, please see campus policy about service animals. The Libraries do not allow Emotional Support Animals inside buildings.

The Libraries offer a variety of spaces to meet a diverse range of needs, including:

Check out the Locations page to filter library locations by space features. If you need specialized furniture or equipment, please ask for help at the information desk at any library.


Information about restrooms with accessible, single stall, and baby changing spaces can be found using the Libraries Location page.

The Libraries have a variety of software and equipment to support student, faculty, and staff needs. Individual library locations may have additional equipment. If you need specialized furniture or equipment, please ask for help at the information desk at any library.

Accessibility Software

Computer lab locations

  • Memorial Library room 140 (West Corridor) 
  • College Library 2nd floor
  • Steenbock Library 2nd floor

Computer lab software

  • Kurzweil 3000:  A comprehensive reading, writing, and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners
  • Fusion: Magnification and screen reading software

Accessibility Equipment

The McBurney Center Learning Resources Room located in Memorial Library room 377 has the following assistive technology available for students:

  • Braille printer
  • Electronic magnifier
  • English dictionary in Braille

Printer, scanner, and copier locations in campus Libraries

For immediate help in any library, go to an information desk. Staff can help you access:

  • Items from the shelves
  • Assistive equipment (magnifying glasses, headphones)
  • Research assistance
  • Contacts for any assistance not immediately available

Accessible Formats

Faculty or Staff should reach out to their Divisional Disability Representative. Visitors or those with general questions should email Todd Michelson-Ambelang:

Requesting & Picking Up Materials

  • Requesting & Returning Items: You can request that items be delivered to a library of your choice for pick-up or in-library use. You can also return library items to any of the Open Return locations (you do not need to return items to the library you picked them up from).
  • Pick Up by Appointment: You can also use the Library’s Pick Up by Appointment service to put items on hold in the catalog, and then schedule an appointment to pick them up.
  • Proxy Service: You can have someone else check out materials for you (they are called a proxy). While this service is primarily for faculty and staff, students with an accommodation can also request this service. Please email Todd Michelson-Ambelang to make arrangements:

Remote Delivery Service

Graduate students, faculty, and staff may request books and other materials to be shipped to them via Remote Delivery.  Undergraduates with disabilities, regardless of university status or location, may be eligible for Remote Delivery.  Undergraduates with disabilities should first contact the McBurney Center who will email library staff to set-up their account.

Library Instruction

The Libraries strive to provide instruction that is inclusive and accessible to all students. For more information and considerations for instructors, please see Accessibility Considerations for Your Librarian Class Visit.

Research Assistance

For individualized assistance with research plans that meet your accommodation needs, help using assistive software, and learning about assistive resources and services, please contact Todd Michelson-Ambelang:

In addition to Libraries-specific resources, there are many campus and community resources to support accessibility.

Campus Resources

Community Resources