Library COVID-19 Dashboard

Library COVID-19 Dashboard
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1-Person Study Rooms

The Libraries have individual study rooms available for reservation. Each room has its own table and a door for more isolation than you would get in a larger study space. They are set up to support one person working alone. Please do not move furniture in to or out of the study rooms.

Make a room reservation

All appointments will automatically block out the 15 minutes before and after your requested appointment in order to allow time between patrons in the room, and time for the library to clean the room. This includes the start and end of the day, which means the first time you can make an appointment for a room is 15 min after the library opens. (9:15 am weekdays. 1:15 pm weekends.)

  • Study rooms can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  • You are limited to 1 study room reservation per day.

Appointment Requirements

  • Your valid Wiscard and your green Badger Badge are required to enter the building.
  • Face coverings must be properly worn in the library at all times, even when you are alone in the study room.
  • Practice physical distancing of six feet apart.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the building.

Contact us if you have questions about the spaces or reservations.

Make a room reservation