Reserve a 1-Person Study Carrel

NOTE: 1-person carrels should only be used for quiet study. There is no sound barrier and Memorial’s stack areas are quiet areas.

Sometimes referred to as “the cages,” graduate students can reserve a study carrel for up to 24 months, but there are enough carrels that many are open for general access.

In addition, Memorial Library has 4 carrels on each floor which can be reserved much like a group study room can be reserved. The same reservation policies apply to these carrels as to the group study rooms, including the policy that reservations are limited to 4 hours total per day across all locations.

How to reserve a study carrel

To reserve a carrel, go to the Study Room page (also at and click on the Make a room reservation button. After logging in with your netID, click on the Book Now button next to Reserve a One-Person Study Carrel.

About study carrel numbering

Due to changes in the building over the years, it is not obvious from a study carrel’s number on what floor it sits:

100’s 1 North
200’s 1M North
300’s 2 North
400’s 2M North
500’s 3 North
600’s 3M North
700’s 4 North
800’s 4M North
900’s 5 North
1000’s 6 North

How to find a reserved carrel

On each floor, the available reserved carrels are in the North Stacks.

From the main elevators, exit the elevator and immediately turn left. Take an immediate left again and walk into the North Stacks. Most of the reservable carrels are along the walls to your right and left as you enter, or along the Lake Street (far right) side of the stacks. Two of the carrels on 6 are on the Langdon Street side (straight ahead as you enter).

Each carrel has its number stenciled on the wall immediately inside the carrel.

Get off the elevator, turn left and left. The floor map is hanging on the wall.

Here is a typical floor plan. The location of the carrels are circled on this image.

This is a typical 1-person study carrel. Note the room number stenciled on the wall, and the light switch above the desk.