The intention of library study rooms is to provide a reservable space that provides privacy for an individual or group for a specified time. The policies below are intended to make reservable spaces broadly available for UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff.

Repeated violations of these or other library policies could result in action including – but not limited to – deletion of reservations or removal of an individual’s ability to make reservations.

  • Individuals or organizations are limited to a maximum of 4 hours per day across all study rooms.
  • A reservation is forfeited if you don’t arrive in the first 15 minutes of a reservation.
  • Study rooms are only available during hours the library is open. Check library hours before making your reservation.
  • Library staff reserve the right to resolve schedule problems by adjusting reservations or schedules.

Additional Best Practices

  • Cancel your reservations if they will not be used. Rooms should not be reserved regularly for potential or just-in-case situations.
  • Although the study rooms are a more private space, they are not soundproof. Please pay attention to your noise level so that you do not disturb others outside your space.
  • When filling out your reservation, note that the information you put in EVENT NAME will be viewable by the public. Use language that is appropriate for viewing in public spaces.
  • If the technology in the space is not working, contact the library front desk to get assistance.

If you have questions or need something beyond what is offered here, please contact us online.