Testing and Privacy

Visual privacy

Due to library security considerations, none of our study rooms are completely visually private: our staff need to be able to see into all spaces at all times. Note that this means if someone attempts to block the view into the room, our staff will enter the room to do a visual inspection.

If you are looking for rooms with the most visual privacy, these study rooms have more visual privacy:

  • AMP: 4220D – (small window in the door)
  • Chemistry: 2430G, 2430H – (Opaque frosted glass)
  • College: 2191A, B, C – (small window in the doors)
  • Steenbock: 111 – (small window in the door)

Acoustic privacy

Almost all of our study rooms are built to provide sufficient sound isolation for typical in-person discussions or virtual meetings. If you are particularly concerned about sound isolation, these rooms have LESS sound isolation:

  • Steenbock: 112, 113, 114, 115
  • Historical Library: 217, 234

Honorlock, LSAT, and other test taking locations

Honorlock should work in any of our study rooms. Also, you should orient yourself so that your camera points away from any window in the room.

LSAT testing should work in any of the rooms listed above under “Visual privacy.”