Accessibility Considerations for Your Librarian Class Visit

Do you know any students in your classes, who may have accessibility needs or need an accommodation for their upcoming library class visit?

This could involve any of the following for a person with a disability:

  • Accessible furniture (e.g., a cushioned chair or table that accommodates a wheelchair);
  • Media or instructional materials in alternative format;
  • Dimmed lighting space;
  • Captions or audio descriptions on media; or,
  • Instructional materials in advance.
  • Any student who has a face covering accommodation that has been approved through the McBurney Center.

If so:

  • Please first contact the student to get their permission to share information and ascertain what information they would like shared;
  • Once you have permission, please only share the essential information necessary with the library instructor to ensure the student has an equal opportunity to participate in the course; and,
  • Do not share the student’s name. The library instructor will follow up with you if we need that information or their email address based on the accessibility or accommodation need;


  • Please keep in mind that the library instructor does not need to know if the student has needs that do not pertain to the library course, e.g., if the student needs extra time for testing, etc.

By letting the library instructor know the information listed above as soon as possible before your class visit, they can ensure an accessible experience for all the participants.

For more information about the Libraries accessibility services, visit: and for questions, please reach out to ADA Accessibility Liaison for Public Services, Todd, 608-262-3475, Mondays – Fridays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.