Paying for Printing – Questions

Many questions about pay for printing are addressed below, but if you have other questions, feel free to Ask a Librarian.

Questions of specific interest to Departments are available farther down this page.

General User Questions

I have a UW-Madison ID. How do I pay for printing or photocopying?

If you have a current active UW-Madison ID, you already have a Wiscard account and a Print Account. Those accounts are tied to your UW-Madison ID. You can add funds to these accounts online at or in person on the second floor at Memorial Library.

What is the difference between a Wiscard account and a Print Account?

A Wiscard account can be used to pay for many different goods and services on campus, including printing and photocopying, food services, books, and other school supplies. Funds can be added online (via credit card or e-check), or in-person at the Unions.

A Print account can only be used to pay for printing and photocopying in Libraries, InfoLabs, and a few other places on campus. Funds can be added online (credit card) or in person (cash) at Memorial Library.

Why would I want a Print Account since a Wiscard account can pay for everything a Print Account can pay for?

If you already use a Wiscard account to pay for housing, food, or other purchases it may be better for you to stay with that account for printing and copying. If you don’t already use a Wiscard account, there are policies for adding funds to each account that you will want to consider.

When you add funds to a Wiscard account, you must add a minimum of $15 at a time and there is a small fee when adding funds with a credit card. Print Accounts can have as little as $5 added at a time and the credit card fee is covered by the InfoLab program. NOTE that Print Accounts can ONLY pay for printing and photocopying.

I am a guest of the University, so I don’t have a UW-Madison ID. Can I still pay for printing or photocopying?

Yes. Guest Cards can be picked up at most Library service desks, as well as at a kiosk in Memorial Library. Adding funds to a Guest Card can be done with a credit card online at or in cash at the Memorial Library kiosk.

How can I add funds to my Wiscard or Print Account?

Wiscard accounts: Funds can be added via credit card or e-check online. The Wiscard offices at Memorial Union and Union South can add funds with cash, credit card or e-check.

Print Accounts: Funds can be added by credit card at Cash can be added at the 2nd floor kiosk at Memorial Library.

When I graduate, will I be able to get the remaining funds on my Wiscard or Print Account returned to me?

Wiscard accounts: The Wiscard office will return amounts over $15 and will charge a $5 fee. Contact the Wiscard office for more information.

Print accounts: There are no refunds for Print Accounts.

Department Questions

As a department, how do I handle providing funds for faculty, staff, or students out of department accounts?

The Wiscard office can distribute Department Cards that can then be handed out to students, faculty or staff for department business.

To get guest cards for department use, contact the Wiscard office by phone.

How can funds be added to department cards?

A department can charge Guest Card funds either to a department pro-card or to a UDDS number. Using a pro-card, a department can add funds to a guest card online. To add funds from a UDDS number, call the Wiscard office.

What happens if someone loses a department-funded guest card?

Contact the Wiscard office and they will be able to cancel the card and issue a new card if you need one.

Are there other protections in place for department guest cards?

In addition to being able to be funded through UDDS numbers, a department card can have an expiration date or can have spending limits in place. Contact the Wiscard office for more information.

Can a department get back unused funds from a Department Card?

Yes. Contact the Wiscard office to handle this.