Poster Printing

Wide-format poster printing is available to UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff at three locations in the libraries. Options are slightly different at the three locations, so review those options below.

Typical turnaround time is about three hours from receipt of the order during business hours, but can be up to two days during especially busy times.

Full step-by-step instructions

Locations (select when submitting poster)

College Library (Hours) MERIT Library (Hours) Steenbock Library (Hours)
Paper types Satin and Glossy Glossy Satin
Production hours Orders submitted after 5 p.m. may be processed the next business day Orders submitted after 5 p.m. may be processed the next business day 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
Monday through Friday.
Pick up at: College computer lab on 2nd floor MERIT service desk
(Cardboard tubes available for $3.10.)
Steenbock main service desk
Questions? 608-263-9889 608-263-4750 608-262-1371

Cutting Table

  • A cutting table is available to trim your poster. Library staff will not trim your poster.


  • The maximum length of one edge is 43″. The other edge can be up to 100 feet.

File Considerations

  • Supported file types: TIFF, PNG, or JPG.
  • The files received are printed as-is. If there is additional formatting, editing, or resizing required, you must do so prior to submission.
  • If you require assistance resizing or saving your poster in the correct format, please see on-site personnel.

Payment Information

  • $4/square foot ($4 minimum)
  • Payment occurs at time of pickup
  • Accepted payment types:
    • Wiscard (Campus Cash, Print account, or department print card)
    • Department funding strings
    • Visa or Mastercard (at College and Steenbock)
  • Departmental credit cards (p-cards) are not accepted

Note: If a department would like to fund a large number of posters for one-time engagements, such as for a class project, they may contact the desired location for more information.