Steenbock Library


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  • Our Pop Art & Pop-Tarts collaboration with #kohlerartlibrary wasn't a competitive event, but if it had been, graduating art major @niascottmedia just may have been the winner with this 3D pen take on classic Pop Art. Congratulations, Nia! #popart #uwmadison #studystrong #studybreak #3dpen
  • Pop Art & Pop-Tarts was pretty great last night! 🍓🍓🍓 Stop by @kohlerartlibrary for round two on Thursday 5/2, 10:30am - 12:30pm #popart #studybreak #studystrong #uwmadison  Repost photo from @uwmadisonbiocommons
  • The Exploding Plastic Agricultural — #popart
  • Just a Steen salute to the Andy Warhol cow wallpaper. Help make it pop with color!
  • Therapy dogs (and kitty) are here at Steenbock until 8pm! Come join the cuddle crew ❤️
  • We had so much fun at #uwscienceexpeditions building robots with #futurebadgers! The young inventors made prototypes and applied for “patents”
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