Steenbock Library


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  • Learn about Ho-Chunk cultural preservation projects and partnerships with UW-Madison students. Panel discussion at @uwmadischool. Free and open to the public. Refreshments provided. #OurSharedFuture
  • Our poll shows that overall y’all prefer quiet sunny solo studying, with food and adorable animals ☺️ Noted! On the search for teacup pigs and hedgehoggos. In the meanwhile bring treats and enjoy our quiet study spaces 📚☀️🍎 Vending and microwave on first floor
  • We have new posters up at Steenbock in the @uwmadisonbiocommons You can download these posters for free at, and find more information about the featured scientists
  • Harriet is very excited that new and returning #badgers will be on campus today. She insisted we help her make this tiny sign of welcome. Welcome all and have a great semester. Let us know how we can help
  • SteenBob! A little #finals spongeBob-ery at Steenbock #whiteboardart
  • Had fun watching Bob Ross and creating some cool art today. Thanks to everyone who joined in!
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