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  • We want YOUR voice included in our Documenting COVID-19 at UW-Madison project. How are you planning for summer? How are you planning for fall? 
If you don't like writing, submitting a recording is no sweat. Swipe through for some options.

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  • Our Documenting COVID-19 Project is going strong with 40 individuals submitting close to 300 items - photos, video, artwork, poetry, documents, essays and journal entries. It's been almost 10 weeks since campus announced it was suspending face-to-face instruction, 9 weeks since campus implemented its telecommuting policy, almost 8 weeks since the Safer At Home emergency order was issued and now we're planning for summer and fall. What do you want remembered about this time? Link in bio for more information about the project and how to submit your own reflections and memories.⁠
{Photo submission by Katie Nash}⁠
#uwmadison #uwmadarchives #UWArchivesDocumentCOVID19 #BadgersDocumentCOVID19 #UWMadisonDocumentCOVID19
  • "No Turns."⁠ Tyler here with one last post as part of my #studenttakeover. This is one of my favorite parts of campus, and in this late March, 2020 photo of an eerily deserted and yet no less welcoming #BascomHill zone, I am reminded that even though we can't turn around, what lies ahead is something worth looking forward to! Thanks Center for Demography and Ecology's Kelsey P. Zimmerman for sharing her photo! And thanks to all of you for letting me share a few of our incoming #DocumentingCOVID19 submissions. Stay well, Badgers ♥️♥️♥️
  • The vivid colors and bold lines in Lucilia Schieldt's piece conjure nostalgic and hopeful vibes. I love the representation of folks sheltering and performing and daydreaming, finding comfort and reprieve—#alonetogether perhaps—under an inviting old tree.
  • How has COVID-19 caused you to reevaluate your spaces, relationships, and priorities? If you mapped out these changes, like Christopher Archuleta, a UW-Madison Junior studying Geography and Environmental Studies, what would you see? We'd love to include your story, like Christopher's, in our #DocumentingCOVID19 at UW Madison collection. Learn more by checking out the link in our bio!
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