About the Record Management Program

UW-Madison University Records Management Program

The University’s teaching, research, and outreach mission and its successful implementation of the Wisconsin Idea depend upon the effective and efficient management of information assets and resources. Although University records can and do exist in a variety of formats, state and federal laws apply to how to manage the information contained in them.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Records Management is governed by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents under Policy 3-2, University of Wisconsin System Public Records Management and Wisconsin Records Laws.

UW Records Officer position and responsibilities

The UW-Madison Records Officer has the responsibility for the creation and submittal of University Records Retention Schedules to the Public Records Board for approval. The UW Records Officer is also the primary campus liaison with the State Records Center (SRC) and helps departments and divisions with the process of storing their inactive records with the SRC.

In addition, the University Records Officer consults campus-wide with all office levels in managing information assets, regardless of format or medium in accordance with Records Management Best Practices and assists the University community with:

  • Consultation on enterprise-wide records management issues and projects
  • Consultation on the management of electronic records
  • Consultation with classification & files management
  • Consultation and development of general and departmental records retention policies
  • Records and information communication and training for departments and campus
  • Consultation on research records and data management issues

UW-Madison Employee records management responsibilities

All university employees have a responsibility for the records that they create, receive and manage.   All university employees should be aware of the records schedules that apply to the records they hold, and the 8 Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®. See Records Management Training for records management guidance and training resources.

University Records Officer
University Records Management Program
recmgmt@library.wisc.edu / 608-262-3284

Public Records Requests

The UW Archives and Records Management Program does not manage public records requests. Rather, these are handled through the Office of Compliance.  To submit a Public Records request, please use the UW-Madison Public Records Portal.