Planning your visit to the Archives

We welcome the UW-Madison community and the public to visit our reading room during business hours. There are several things to consider and plan prior to visiting. We’ve outlined a few helpful hints and guidelines below. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Archives.

Before you visit 

Onsite guidelines

  • You will need to present a valid ID or campus Wiscard in the reading room.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly after arriving. Hand sanitizer will be available for use, but hands must be thoroughly rinsed or washed after using hand sanitizer and before handling collection materials to ensure that no sanitizer residue is transferred to the materials, as it may damage them.
  • Place your belongings in a designated locker. Please bring your own water supply to be stored in your locker.
  • Researchers may bring into the reading room only silenced cell phones, digital cameras, pencils, paper, and laptops or tablets without cases. Power cords and headphones for electronic equipment are also permitted.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Researchers should only wear gloves when working with photographs and metal objects.
  • No materials will be retrieved within 15 minutes of closing.

Services available

All reading room services are contingent upon availability of staff and all building services may not be supported.

During your visit, supported services include:

  • view materials in reading room at designated tables
  • limited self-service scanning (including use of mobile devices)
  • onsite research assistance
  • microfilm access
  • copy machine
  • duplication services by staff (restrictions may apply)

At this time, we are NOT able to support:

  • printing services
  • computing support

Course and Instruction Support

The Archives staff can provide limited course and instruction support. Please contact us for additional information.