Research Help

UW-Madison librarians provide support for many steps in the research process. Want to learn more about how we can help with your research goals?  Contact us to start the conversation.

Custom Impact Reporting & Citation Data Analysis

Impact analysis has a complicated landscape, but it begins with your team: your research, your relationships, and your outcomes. Science librarians can partner with you on bibliometrics and research impact projects, and we can tailor our services to your specific needs.

Evidence Synthesis & Systematic Reviews

Librarians can assist with conducting a systematic review or other evidence synthesis project via consultations on search strategy, discipline-specific database selection, and citation management.

Researcher Profiles

Researcher profiles link an individual with their research outputs, funding, and affiliations. Some profiles, like ORCID, require registration while others are generated within literature databases. Science librarians can help you build comprehensive profiles to showcase your work.

Research Data Services

Librarians can support researchers as they gather, manage, and share their research data to make their data citable, reproducible, and publicly accessible. We support data management plans (DMPs), storage solutions, FAIR data principles, and more.

Patent & Trademark Support

Steenbock Library is a designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC). Patent librarians provide patent and trademark information and searching assistance for the general public and the UW-Madison community.

Broader Societal Impacts

Librarians can assist you with speaking to the requirements of your funding agency for a demonstration of the broader impacts of your work–i.e. your engagement with a larger community of stakeholders from scholars and practitioners to the general public.

Research Tutorials

Check out these tutorials for help conducting research, accessing library resources, and using library services. We also offer more detailed micro-courses on patents, technical standards, and more!