Citing Sources

Correctly citing sources allows for the verification of facts, the prevention of plagiarism by crediting original authors, and the ability to keep a record of previously used materials.  Citations often include the title of the publication, year, and author, but vary according to the  type of resource and style used.


Depending on subject area and instructor preference, there are different requirements and styles for citing sources. Most instructors will require one of these styles:


Citation Managers

Citation managers are software applications that will help you:

  • Format bibliographies and citations automatically while you research
  • Create an online personal research database of references, images, and PDFs
  • Share your citations with colleagues around the world

The UW-Madison Libraries support a number of different research citation management applications with online help guides, workshops, and personal assistance. Use our Citation Manger Comparison Chart to investigate the strengths of each.

Workshops and Help

UW-Madison Libraries also hold drop-in workshops on using citation mangers.  Workshops are free and open to the public. No registration is needed unless otherwise noted.

Please see our Citation Managers help pages for additional assistance.