Computer Lab

Room 2250

The computer lab, located on the second floor of College Library, offers a variety of adjacent spaces and services to support UW-Madison teaching & learning needs related to computing and media services. Service is available within the space all hours the library is open.

As part of the DoIT InfoLab program, general access computing is available with hardware and software licensed for students, faculty, and staff use. Advanced multimedia support is provided by student staff who are available to assist at the Help Desk. In addition, the space offers video editing stations, scanners, poster printing, a large breakout room for group work, and a voice recording booth. The breakout room and recording booth can be reserved in advance.

The computer lab also provides a classroom space for software training (room 2257), the Media Studios and DesignLab consultation services.

Equipment is available for check-out and the library offers a collection of computer manuals for self-directed learning.

As in other areas of the library, food and drink are allowed in the computer lab, with the expectation that people using the equipment will be cautious and avoid spills on the technology. The entire computer lab is designated as a collaborative space which means there are no limits on talking or noise in the lab unless it is extreme or disruptive.