Media Studios

2252A & 2252B College Library

The Media Studios at College Library support semester long courses that integrate collaborative digital projects into the curriculum.


Class size: 20-24 students in each space, or up to 48 in both spaces combined.
For more information, contact Mandy Morrow, Associate Director of DesignLab.

Reserve the Media Studios for your class or group

For a single class session or a semester-long course, contact Mandy through this form.

For a one-time event, workshop, or study group, fill out this form, indicating in the notes field that you are interested in the Media Studios.

Room Schedules

See the story “Humanities Scholarship in the Digital Age” and “Trends in Learning: The Digital Humanities” pages 5-6 in the Friends of the Libraries Magazine.

Funded by the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, the Media Studios are a joint project of the Digital Studies certificate program, the Libraries, DoIT, DesignLab, and the Digital Humanities Initiative.