Category: remodeling

  • First Floor Reconfiguration: Winter 2023

    Posted on Dec 20th

    College Library is rearranging the first floor entryway in a number of ways during December 2023 and January 2024. We apologize for […]

  • Construction Noise

    Posted on Nov 7th

    Drilling has returned to College Library. Once again the parking structure beneath Helen C. White Hall is undergoing concrete remediation to ensure […]

  • 3rd Floor Restrooms Open

    Posted on Jun 10th

    College Library staff are pleased to announce the re-opening of both the men’s and women’s restrooms on the 3rd floor of the […]

  • Remodeling-Phase II

    Posted on May 10th

    Beginning Monday, May 13, College Library enters Phase II of the remodeling project dedicated to improving the number and quality of restrooms […]

  • Restroom Remodeling Project

    Posted on Apr 11th

    Visitors to College Library may notice some disruptions this spring semester – jack-hammers, work crews, closed restrooms – but the final result […]

  • Facility Upgrades

    Posted on Jan 21st

    Visitors to College Library in early 2019 will note a number of changes underway, all designed to improve the facility and make […]

  • SOAR at College Library

    Posted on Jun 5th

    Starting Monday, June 5, the advising component of SOAR has arrived at College Library. As was announced in January 2017, the undergraduate […]

  • It’s Electric!

    Posted on Mar 17th

    In coming weeks, College Library will undergo construction in several spaces to make the necessary modifications to become the new home for SOAR for the […]

  • Open Book Updates

    Posted on Mar 1st

    With College Library as the new home of SOAR for the foreseeable future, a number of infrastructure projects need to be undertaken this semester. […]

  • Layout Updates Room 3191

    Posted on Apr 7th

    Upon their return from spring break, UW students discovered several new updates in Room 3191 at College Library. While they were away new […]

  • New Reflection Space

    Posted on Feb 4th

    College Library established a “reflection space” in Room 2191 late last semester and now wants to know who is using it and […]

  • Library Updates

    Posted on Jan 28th

    Winter interim brought a number of changes to College Library. Returning students will find new carpeting in Room 3191. A look at the […]