Layout Updates Room 3191

April 7, 2015

Upon their return from spring break, UW students discovered several new updates in Room 3191 at College Library. While they were away new carpet tiles, which better define the transition from quiet to silent study spaces in the room, were installed. The new tiles complement the color and pattern of the carpet laid earlier this year and replace carpeting that was nearly 15 years old.

Worn (and hazardous) carpeting replaced
Worn carpeting replaced

Because everything had to be shifted to make way for the new carpet, staff took advantage of the opportunity to rearrange the furniture, moving the long tables from silent to quiet study zones. Staff noticed that these tables were increasingly used by groups of friends in the evening (rather than the communal solo studiers common during the daytime hours). To address potential noise issues, the long tables were moved to a view of Lake Mendota. Smaller tables, more conducive to silent study, were placed along the windows overlooking Observatory Drive.

Smaller tables in silent study area