SOAR at College Library

June 5, 2017

Starting Monday, June 5, the advising component of SOAR has arrived at College Library. As was announced in January 2017, the undergraduate library at UW-Madison is now the permanent home to SOAR advising.

A number of updates were made to the facility to prepare for the arrival of SOAR advisers and thousands of newly-admitted students. Raised floors were installed in rooms 1250, 2191 and 3191 so that dozens of additional electrical outlets would be available for the laptops which dot advising spaces. Library staff also took advantage of this opportunity to update building floor plans, install new signs and displays, and move collections. This general tidying now finds the Gaus Poetry Collection in Room 2191, the Career & Student Success Collection incorporated into Open Book (Room 1250), and the Gender & Women’s Studies in the 3rd floor center area.

Room assignments for advising include:

Advising stations for the School of Education in Room 2191
  • College of Agriculture & Life Sciences – Room 1193 & 1193D
  • College of Engineering – Room 3191S
  • College of Letters & Science – Room 3191N
  • College of Letters & Science Honors Program – Room 3255
  • Cross College Advising Service- Room 3250
  • School of Business – Room 1250
  • School of Education – Room 2191
  • School of Human Ecology – Room 2258
  • School of Music – Room 3251
  • School of Nursing – Room 2252
  • School of Pharmacy – Room 2257
  • SOAR Consultants – Rooms 1209 A, B, C

Several rooms are closed to the general public when advising is in session, including 1193, 3191, and 3250, although these spaces and their much-anticipated electrical outlets are available to visitors after 5 pm.

An additional benefit to College Library users is the Open Book Café, for the first time ever, staying open over the summer to accommodate morning coffee breaks and lunch crowds. Scheduled hours are 8 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday until August 11.

Room 3191 ready for students from the College of Letters & Science

College Library staff are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with the Division of Student Life, Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) to introduce first-year and transfer students to the library on campus that is dedicated to serving their information needs, while providing one of the best views on campus.

Welcome Future Badgers!