Truly Excellent in Service

May 2, 2024

Every semester College Library recognizes the efforts of two student assistants who best demonstrate the library’s commitment to excellent customer service. This spring, Alfredo Navarrete Nunez and Edie Veum were selected for their outstanding commitment to College Library and dedication to serving the library’s numerous patrons.

Alfredo, who works in the library’s computer lab, is a senior graduating this semester from the End User Computing unit. One nominator noted, “Alfredo is always so helpful to me as a staff member when I come into the lab for anything – asking about the classroom, getting support with a technical issue, doing security rounds/closing, borrowing a laptop, or asking an annoying question. I have done all of those things! From my experience, Alfredo always looks ready to help someone and that is a huge part of excellent public service.” Another reported, “All my interactions with Alfredo have shown him to be patient, helpful, skilled with technology, and concerned about the library and its patrons. College Library was able to leverage his expertise to direct, film, edit (and re-edit) several versions of a video that introduces the resources & services available at our library.”

Edie, on the other hand, works primary in collection management – circulating materials, processing returns, shelving, etc. – all of the detail-oriented work that ensures our collection remains available and accessible to our patrons. Her fellow student assistants recognized her exceptional abilities by writing, “She is always willing to sit with a patron and work through what they need, and I always see them leaving Edie with a smile. Her bright personality makes her approachable and easy to work with, and her insight on library functions and operations is always illuminating.” Another notes, “Edie always takes initiative and goes the extra mile with everything they do. Edie is a member of the lead team and is a breeze to collaborate with on projects from scheduling time to meet to completing tasks effectively and efficiently.” Permanent staff also appreciate Edie’s thoughtfulness, one going so far as to say, “I was involved in an email thread in which Edie was asking excellent questions and making very articulate and librarian-minded suggestions in the name of outstanding public service. I was very impressed.”

College Library extends its sincere appreciation to all of the student assistants who staff the library and who help ensure that we provide the best library experience for our core audience of undergraduate patrons. The library could not function without their dedication and commitment.

Interim Director of College Library Kelli Hughes presenting Edie & Alfredo with their certificates.