Open Book Updates

March 1, 2017

With College Library as the new home of SOAR for the foreseeable future, a number of infrastructure projects need to be undertaken this semester. These changes include adding electrical outlets to many of the study rooms in the library, including Open Book, Room 1250. As a result, College staff are in the process of  withdrawing materials and consolidating collections in preparation for the installation of a raised floor that will take place over spring break. Visitors may have noticed that the library has drastically reduced the size of the Mystery Fiction and Science Fiction collections. The remaining mystery and science fiction books will be reclassified as Fiction and integrated into that collection. In addition, staff are also working on consolidating the Sports and Fitness collection with other Open Book categories, in particular, Hobbies.

Possible additions to the magazine collection?

All of this change brings opportunities for new additions to the collection, however. Since the library will no longer hold on to back issues of magazines (most recent two issues only), there is a user survey to see if there are new titles people would like to see added to the collection.

While there may be construction noise and disruptions in the weeks ahead, College Library is convinced that the  upgrades to the facility (like many more electrical outlets) will make the space even more effective for individual and collaborative work. If there are specific questions or concerns about the library’s collections, please contact Kelli Hughes. Readers may also recommend a purchase online.