It’s Electric!

March 17, 2017

In coming weeks, College Library will undergo construction in several spaces to make the necessary modifications to become the new home for SOAR for the next five summers. Construction will begin in Open Book (Room 1250), where a transformer will be installed to allow for an increased number of electrical outlets in the space. Construction will continue in Open Book through spring break before moving on to Rooms 3191 and 2191.

The floors in these spaces will be raised during this time, so users may find that Open Book and Rooms 3191 and 2191 closed at certain points during the semester. This will allow furniture to be moved and construction on floors and electrical to take place. There may also be noise (drilling, pounding) in the library while the work is underway. We hope that the modifications will not cause too much of a disruption for students in the coming weeks and apologize in advance for any inconvenience. The end result, however, will be numerous electrical outlets in spaces not previously adapted for today’s students and their many devices.

These changes are just the beginning for College Library, and further renovations will continue over the next three years. The subsequent modifications will not only create a positive experience for incoming freshman, but also provide an improved space for all our students throughout the year.

A new raised floor is being installed in Room 1250 to enable the placement of electrical outlets in the space