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University Research and Management of Records

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Research Records and Management of Records.

I am in Research. How should I manage our Research Records? 

The following resources are available to assist with the management of research records.  The minimum retention is 7 years from the end of the study.  If departments would like to keep records longer, please contact the University Records Officer to draft a retention schedule which will complement the Data Management Plan and give direction in the time frame and requirements for management of records.

2015 Research Records [pdf] Slides from Presentation given to Research community.

Please refer to the UW- Madison Policy on Data Stewardship, Access and Retention and Retention schedule for Research_Data_Policy_01649_MAD_2012.

For Preferred, Acceptable and Acceptable for Imminent Transfer File Format for storage of electronic information see National Archives Appendix A: Tables of File Formats.