University Records and Vital Records

UW- Madison and Vital Records:

Resources for management and identification of university records that may be consided a Vital Record. A vital records plan should be included in addition to a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

All records created in the course of university business are important, however only a small percent (3-7%) are considered VITAL to the function of the university. These records are fundamental for the continuance of operations and contain information critical to the continuation or survival of an organization during or immediately following a crisis.

It is the responsibility of each department to effectively manage their records and be in compliance with university, state and federal laws. Vital records management is a necessary aspect of records management for continuing operations in the event of a disaster.  Time and resources will be required to develop a vital records plan. Managing university records is an ONGOING PROCESS, these plans ought be reviewed and updated regularly. Here are some resources to get departments, unit or Divisions started.