Transfer Guidelines

Transferring Materials to the Archives (Campus Partners)

The University Archives is the official repository for the permanent, historical records of UW-Madison, UW System Administration, and the UW Colleges and UW Extension. Archives staff designed this step-by-step guide to assist our campus partners in transferring records to the Archives. Prior to sending materials to Archives, campus partners will need to work directly with Archives staff to: A) complete a transfer form and B) request and complete an inventory spreadsheet.

Transferring Materials to the Archives (Non-Campus Partners)

In addition to collecting official records from across UW-Madison’s campus, we also collect materials from families, alumni, and other entities with a relationship to our campus. This process is less formal and often requires more communication and coordination with the Archives staff. If you have materials that you are considering donating, please contact us and visit our homepage for additional information. More than likely we will ask you to complete a transfer form and an inventory spreadsheet. To learn more about what we collect and don’t collect, consult our Collection Development Policy