Steenbock Library Space Updates: Active Learning Classrooms and Collections Relocation

The UW-Madison Libraries are excited to announce two large active learning classrooms will be added to Steenbock Memorial Library’s first floor. Building on a vision developed in partnership between the Division of Teaching and Learning and the Libraries that received a campus commitment, Steenbock is preparing to integrate active learning within the classroom into its ecosystem of spaces, experts, and information that support student and research success. Detailed planning for the renovation of these spaces began in early 2024. The active learning classrooms are expected to become available by Fall 2026.  

Print Collection Relocation

In preparation for these renovations, Steenbock will relocate collections within the building and to the Verona Shelving Facility (VSF). Relocation work will occur March 18 – June 3, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm. Collections will remain accessible unless they are in the process of being actively moved. Items being moved and processed should only be unavailable for approximately 1 week.

  • Print journals (legacy & current) will move to the Verona Shelving Facility. A few titles will remain at Steenbock until bound for preservation.  
  • For print monographs/books (future location on 3rd and 4th floor):
    • Books that were used or acquired since 2014 will remain at Steenbock. Exceptions may be made for select monographic series available online.
    • The Cookbook Collection (TX classification) will remain at Steenbock.
    • Books checked out multiple times since 2000 will remain at Steenbock.
    • Monographs/books that do not fit the above criteria will be moved to VSF.
  • The Libraries will continue to expand access to e-book content and convert any remaining print journals to online when possible.
books on a shelf

Ongoing access to any items that are moved to the Verona Shelving Facility will be available by:

Frequently Asked Questions

A large workspace has been designated as a base for relocation staff on 1st floor.  Collections from 1st, 3rd, & 4th floors are being relocated and activity on these floors will vary throughout the project.

It may be noisier than usual during weekdays, 9:00am-5:30pm (quieter evenings/weekends). Earplugs are available at the Service Desk on the 2nd floor. Staff can also identify places in the building that will likely to be quieter based on the current location of relocation work.

The vending area and microwave are temporarily relocated to the west wall of the 1st floor.

Email us at or use our Steenbock Library Feedback Form.