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Category: cookbook collection

  • The Extraordinary Italian Taste

    Posted on Nov 10th

    Savor Italian food culture with three campus events to coincide with Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo—a week long campaign celebrating Italy’s […]

  • An Apple a Day

    Posted on Oct 27th

    Steenbock Library is pleased to invite you to browse The Illustrated History of Apples in the United States and Canada currently on […]

  • Get thee to a Library!

    Posted on Oct 28th

    During the “Year of Shakespeare“, our community honors the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death with displays, events, and a touring exhibition of […]

  • Chilling Out while Grilling Out

    Posted on Jun 2nd

    For many, the long days of summer herald a return to outdoor dining–from sidewalk café to campfire and patio grill.  Jeff Sindelar, […]

  • Bucky’s Butchery

    Posted on Dec 2nd

    In keeping with a winter season of feasting occasions, Bucky’s Butchery—your campus butcher shop–invites you to visit and to place your orders […]

  • Edible Book Festival, 2015

    Posted on Apr 1st

    ‘Have your cake and read it, too’ with the annual Edible Book Festival! The festival, which is free and open to the […]

  • Talkin’ Turkey

    Posted on Nov 18th

    Thanksgiving holidays are often celebrated by feasting, either upon a mythologized spread featuring a signature entrée or upon that which you would […]

  • Curiosity Unleashed! (WI Science Fest, Oct 16-19)

    Posted on Oct 7th

    “Unleash your curiosity” with the Wisconsin Science Festival, October 16-19, 2014! Visit the festival website program guide to plan your day (and month).  While many events […]

  • Edible Book Festival, 2014

    Posted on Mar 31st

    ‘Have your cake and read it, too’ with the annual Edible Book Festival! The festival, which is free and open to the […]

  • Pi Day (3.14)

    Posted on Mar 13th

    Mathematicians, among others, observe “Pi Day” on March 14 in keeping with Pi as 3.14 (or extended as, 3.1415926535…). While you can […]

  • CRANtastic!

    Posted on Nov 20th

    Did you know that the cranberry, ubiquitous during this time of year given its association with traditional Thanksgiving holiday feasting, is Wisconsin’s […]

  • Friends with Cookbooks

    Posted on Sep 16th

    Celebrate the harvest and Wisconsin’s rich food heritage when the Friends of the Libraries host a special program to feature Steenbock Library’s […]