Bones of Light

Judith Sornberger writes that her ultimate aspiration is to “join the herd of bones,/add my light to theirs…” “I want to take my tongue along/their contours, reinvent their glisten,/tickling the […]

Chapman’s Pack

“One tall gold ship of fact sets sail/on seven boisterous seas of possibility.” So John Niles launches the reader on an enchanted exploration of storytelling’s clever art and wise mysteries. […]

Getting Out Alive
After months of grappling with life-threatening illness, Tisha Turk emerged into a new/old life. The understated, resonant poems of “Getting Out Alive” trace this experience. With delicate but exacting penetration, […]

Light Made From Nothing
“This homely life/with its plain face/and clumsy limbs welcomed me…./Who could not want this world?” In “Light Made from Nothing,” Susan Elbe explores the homely clumsiness of learning how to […]

Marquees of Buffalo
“Me was movies…/Married or divorced – Saturday night,/I’m there like a church…./Lights would dim,/then come on inside me.” Trudell’s richly imaginative poems explore how the “shifting, bluish, magical beam” of […]

Singing to the Garden
On a solitary, early morning visit to his vegetable garden, a man unexpectedly, “…began to weep for no reason [he] could think of, and then for all the reasons [he] […]