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The Graduate Room

COVID-19 Update Regarding the Graduate Room

The Graduate Room and Room 464A are not available for use this semester.
This update supersedes other information on this page until future notice.

The Graduate Room is located in Room 464 of Memorial Library, immediately off of the main elevators. This space is dedicated to supporting graduate students working alone or in small groups. This is intended to be a talking and collaborative space, so graduate students seeking a quieter environment may use the numerous quiet study spaces available throughout Memorial Library, including individual study carrels that can be reserved.

Wiscard Access

Entry to Room 464 is limited to graduate students, who must swipe their card at the door to gain access. To register your Wiscard for approved access, visit the Circulation Desk on the first floor of Memorial Library.

Reservable Presentation Practice Room

Room 464A is located inside of the Graduate Study Room, and can be reserved online starting September 21. It offers seating for six, a whiteboard, a large screen for sharing your work wirelessly (supports Mac and Windows), as well as a simple-to-use video system to record yourself and your presentation. This recording is then saved to your USB stick.

Study Spaces

Room 464 contains numerous tables in a variety of configurations that support individual and small group work. White boards cover one wall. Many of the tables can be moved to create a variety of work spaces. There are also two “living-room spaces” with sofas and lounge chairs that provide a relaxed area for discussion.

Wireless Monitors

Five of the work spaces, including the presentation practice room, provide large screens that can be connected to wirelessly. This connection requires the download of a small applet, and a Windows or Macintosh laptop.

To connect, go to the WEB ADDRESS posted near the screen. Note that each monitor uses a different web address.

A small applet will download to your laptop. Open that applet, punch in the WEB ADDRESS and the CODE provided by the screen, and the screen will turn on after it connects to your laptop.