Wireless Displays

The wireless displays in the Graduate Study Room utilize Crestron AirMedia devices that allow Windows and Macintosh laptops to connect to the displays over the library network.

To connect to a display in one of the four booths, there is no need to turn the monitor on. It will activate once you have successfully attached to the AirMedia device.

To connect to the large display in the Presentation Practice Room, you should first turn on the display using the control panel on the counter, and then select AIRMEDIA on the control panel.

In all cases, follow these steps to connect:

  1. Open a browser on your laptop and go to the web address on display near the monitor. This address is also displayed in the upper left corner of the monitor if it is on.
  2. Download the client software by clicking on the appropriate link.
  3. Install and launch the software. The software may warn you that it cannot find any devices – click through that warning.
  4. Fill out the settings in the software as follows:
    • IP/Hostname: enter the same address you used to download the software.
    • User Name: This can be left alone.
    • Code: Enter the code that is on display near the monitor, or in the upper right hand corner of the monitor if it is on.
  5. Click on Connect to share your display on the monitor.

NOTE that if you have installed the software before, you can simply launch the software on your laptop and start at step 4.

When finished sharing your screen, click the small X in the upper right corner of the software to disconnect and quit the application.

Also note that these devices are installed in all study rooms at College Library. At that location, there are power switches near the displays. Turn on the display, and get the web address and code from the screen.