Room 464 Lockers

The 22 lockers in the Graduate Study Room are for short-term use while you are in Memorial Library. They utilize an electronic digital lock that you can program with your own 4-digit code.

If you need a locker for longer than a single day, there are other lockers available in the building.

How to use the Graduate Study Room lockers

digilock lock
  1. Find an available locker. Lockers with a flashing red LED are not available.
  2. Put your stuff in the locker and close it.
  3. To lock: Press C-#-#-#-#-LOCK – where “####” can be any 4-digit code. (LOCK is the button with the key on it.)
  4. To unlock: Press C-#-#-#-#-LOCK – where “####” is the 4-digit code you used to lock the locker.

Note that three unsuccessful attempts will put the lock to sleep for 1 minute.

Locker policies

  • Items left overnight in the lockers will be removed. Removed items go to Lost and Found at the Circulation Desk.
  • Library security staff can open any locker at any time to inspect its contents.
  • Open food or hazardous or illegal items discovered in a locker will be removed.
  • Library books checked out to you may be left in a locker. No other library materials should be kept in the lockers.
  • Locker use is limited to one per individual.
  • Access to the lockers is limited to the times the library is open to the public.
  • The library is not liable for lost or stolen items.
  • If you forget your locker combination, contact the Circulation Desk.