Presentation Practice Room (464A)

The Presentation Practice Room (Room 464A) is located inside of the Graduate Study Room (Room 464) at Memorial Library. It provides reservable general study space and technology to record yourself and your presentation.

Room 464A can be reserved just like any other study room at Memorial Library, via our room reservation system.

Note that even though anyone with a NetID can reserve Room 464A, only graduate students are allowed to use the room.

When reserving this room, it is good to note the general policies about using a study room in the library.

Room 464A can be used as both a general study room, or as a presentation practice space. Neither of these uses has priority over the other.

How to attach to the monitor with a cable

  1. Attach the HDMI or VGA cable to your laptop
  2. Press the LAPTOP VGA or LAPTOP HDMI button on the control panel

How to attach to the monitor wirelessly

  1. Press the AIRMEDIA button on the control panel
  2. Enter the WEB ADDRESS on the monitor in a browser on your laptop
  3. Install and run the downloaded web applet.
  4. Enter the WEB ADDRESS and CODE from the monitor in the applet.

How to record your presentation

  1. Make sure you have reserved Room 464A.
  2. Arrange the furniture. Note that the camera will only capture the end of the room with the monitor on the wall.
  3. Insert a USB stick into the USB cable near the monitor.
  4. Press the RECORD button on the control panel.
  5. Press START on the control panel. The camera begins recording in about 10 seconds, saving the recording on the USB stick.
  6. When finished, press STOP on the control panel.
  7. Take the USB stick out of the port.

Other buttons on the control panel

  • VIEW CAMERA will show you what the camera sees.
  • BACK TO SOURCE will take you back to the input you are using (HDMI, VGA, or AIRMEDIA)
  • The RED I/O BUTTON turns the monitor off.