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Finals@College Library

Every semester the staff of College Library organizes a series of events to ease the stress of finals for our student patrons. In conjunction with the Open Book Café, the Wisconsin Union, GUTS, the Dean of Students Office, students are able to look forward to an event designed to reduce tension and make final exams just a bit more bearable.

Helen C. House Party

As an official “Welcome Week” event, the Helen C. House Party debuted in 2009 and featured such events as balloon art, ninja tag, carnival games, face-painting, arts-n-crafts, and LOTS of free food. The event is sponsored by the Center for the First Year Experience at UW-Madison. It also received generous support through food donations from Pepsi, Frito Lay and dozens of local restaurants.

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Library Research Awards

College Library, in conjunction with the Undergraduate Symposium, each year honors deserving undergraduates with Library Research Awards. Campus librarians on the award committee use the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Information Literacy Standards as the main criteria for assessing applications for the award.
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Programs and Readings

Banned Book Reading

In 2007, College Library and the ACLU of Wisconsin sponsored a public reading of banned books with celebrated individuals from the community reading brief selections from books on the American Library Association’s list of most frequently challenged books. The readers also provided insights into why these titles were so important to them personally.


Illumination: The Undergraduate Journal of Humanities was founded in 2004 by Adam Blackbourn, a student who wanted to provide undergraduates with a public outlet for their original, creative work. The goal of Illumination is to give undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin the opportunity to publish work drawn from the humanities, and in doing so, make the public aware of some of the school’s best talent. The libraries at UW-Madison are a proud sponsor of the journal and its programming including poetry readings and gallery openings.

2006 Poetry Reading

Wisconsin Book Festival

The Wisconsin Book Festival is the state’s largest literary festival, with approximately 15,000 annual attendees, making it one of the largest in the nation. This unique event inspires book lovers from across the region to spend a weekend in downtown Madison and transforms the city into a vast, public literary salon. College Library is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the festival and feature programs of interest to our core audience and the general public alike.

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