Spring 2010 – Stay Up Late: Study Strong

College Library was again offered a week full of daily events to help relieve students of the stress of final exams and help students “Study Strong” at the end of the semester. The library scheduled give-aways of coffee, candy, Emergen-C, as well as games and other fun things for quick study breaks.

On Thursday, May 6th, the events rolled out with puzzles, games and coloring pages available in first floor center. These diversions were available all week. Also during the week, the College Library webcam (and a variety of masks, hats, props and a white board) was used to send shout-outs to from the library. Selected still images were posted on the College Library Flickr account. Students also had the opportunity to respond to a daily “Study Strong” question on the whiteboard. Selected responses were featured on the library’s Twitter feed.

The Wisconsin Union sponsored free coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the Open Book Cafe on Friday, May 7th from 7pm to 2am. And GUTS Study Day tutoring on Saturday, May 8th (noon to 8pm) included extra opportunities for last-minute assistance. Tutors offered coffee and treats for those receiving help in the 1st floor Student Services Area. Thanks, ODOS and GUTS for helping with Study Day!

Sunday, May 9th featured koosh balls and other stress-relieving toys for use in the library. Students were able to relive the carefree times of their youth with a “Finals Recess” playtime on Monday, May 10th. Jump ropes, hula hoops, hopscotch, and even a punching bag were placed in the courtyard for students to play away any stress they might have had. Students were encouraged to take a quick break, blow some bubbles and find their inner child in the courtyard.

On Tuesday, May 11th, therapy dogs visited the library (OMG, puppies!!) from 4pm-7pm. Certified and trained dogs offered unconditional acceptance and affection. According to the Dogs on Call website: “benefits of such human-animal interaction include improvements in: empathy, self-esteem, mood, outward focus, nurturing, rapport, acceptance, entertainment, socialization, mental stimulation, motivation, physical contact, physiological functioning, and spiritual fulfillment.” Just the thing to help our patrons get through exams!

Free candy and Emergen-C were offered on Wednesday, May 12th, and students were allowed to choose their preferred study aid: chocolate or vitamins (or both!)

The last scheduled events was on Thursday, May 13th, when Wii Fit Plus was made available on 1st floor center. Students practiced yoga poses, gained balancing prowess, and did strength training from 4pm-midnight.

Bucky Badger also stopped by a couple of times, offering his own special brand study break entertainment.

Thanks to all the campus partners and College Library staff who helped make these finals week events possible. In addition to the Wisconsin Union (Open Book Cafe free coffee) and the Office of the Dean of Students (GUTS Study Day treats) support is provided by the John M. Gaus fund and the College Library Director.

Study Strong!

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