Video Games at the Library

College Library is pleased to offer a collection of video games for Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Some of the popular titles include: Halo3, The Sims 2 “Castaway,” Resident Evil, Dance Dance Revolution, Super Mario, Grand Theft Auto V, Heavenly Sword, Bioshock and the Call of Duty series, among others.

In recent years, CWS-Game9scholars have heralded the new generation of video games as an important medium, one that affects both the psycho-social and physical development of today’s game players. With the increasing attention video games
have attracted – by both players and researchers – College Library is excited to have the opportunity to include video games in its holdings.

Designed to meet the extracurricular needs of College Library patrons, the video games are part of the Open Book recreational collections, but given the academic interest in gaming, others may elect to deconstruct the conceptual spaces of The Sims or the concept of patriotism in Call of Duty. Additionally, the video game collection, while neither definitive nor archival, provides library staff the opportunity to reach out to new users and to expand the scope of academic library materials.

The games will be housed in the Open Book Café near the DVD collection. Video games have a two-week loan period and can be requested/recalled. Please send questions, comments, and suggestions for purchases to Kelli Hughes.