Fall 2012 – What if the Mayan Calendar is Wrong? – Study Strong!

It may seem as though there is a new apocalypse every week, but that doesn’t provide students with an excuse to get out of studying for finals. 2012’s study week was no exception and even with the impending Mayan calendar prediction of the world coming to an end on December 21st, College Library kept its optimism up with the tongue-in-cheek theme of “What if They’re Wrong? Study Strong.” Study week usually feels like the end of the world to most students even without apocalyptic predictions, so College Library’s events provided students with distractions for two potentially cataclysmic events. Activities included; coloring pages, visits from Dogs on Call, Bucket List entries, free coffee, tea and candy, and, of course, it wouldn’t be a study week without a visit from Bucky.

Students were able to let their creativity roll with the coloring of the large Mayan-influenced calendar, which was displayed on first floor center. This communal calendar coloring project allowed for students to come together and make something truly beautiful. Drawing on that same theme, students were also able to color pages of Mayan animals symbols. The “It’s the end of the Mayan calendar and I feel fine” event lasted all week, creating a very colorful library!

Continuing with the theme, students were able to get some much needed caffeine with Open Book Café’s free coffee, tea & hot chocolate giveaway on December 14 from 7pm to 2am. Students chose from these caffeine-rich beverages during the last day of classes, courtesy of the Wisconsin Union.

On December 15, GUTS was able to get in on the action with their event: “What if I’m wrong? GUTS will help me study strong.” From noon to midnight GUTS tutors were working hard to ensure that the end of the world would NOT be caused by inadequate studying.

What’s on YOUR bucket list? Sunday, December 16th asked that question with “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel like making a bucket list!” Taking a break from studying to daydream, students wrote what was on their bucket list and submitted the answers; a few were then selected and posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the lobby bulletin board. Some of the favorite entries were, “Road trip with friends,” “Meet Ryan Gosling,” and “Climb Machu Picchu” Ever optimistic, College Library gave each submitter a magnet calendar for the year 2013.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel like hugging a puppy” was a student favorite and the dogs were a welcome break from the stress of finals. These pups are pros and love to help students unwind and share their love. Regulars such as Charlotte the French Bulldog were there and students even got to pet a zombie! No, not the scary kind, but a very sweet Dutch Shepherd named “Zombie.”

The library appreciates the assistance from many campus partners in offering a variety of activities and give-aways during the end of the semester, including the Wisconsin Union (Open Book free coffee), ASM and the Division of Student Life (GUTS Study Day), the Athletic Department (visit from Bucky Badger), Dogs on Call (therapy dogs), and the Library Director Carrie Kruse (candy). College Library could not do it without their support.

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