2008 Wisconsin Book Festival

On Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008, Aussie-writer Alistair McCartney read from his darkly comic debut, The End of the World Book, which is at once an experimental novel, a metafictional memoir, and an encyclopedia (A-Z) of observations, obsessions, and philosophical fixations. The presentation was sponsored by the LGBT Campus Center, UW-Madison Lectures Committee, UW Press and College Library.

As part of the Wisconsin Book Festival, two current Poets Laureate, Susan Firer and Fabu Carter Brisco, along with two finalists for the state Poet Laureate position, John Lehman and B.J. Best, presented programs, plans and ideas for bringing poetry to the Wisconsin public, and also read from their work. Andrea Musher, former Madison Poet Laureate, facilitated.

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