New Oral Histories Online in 2016

The University Archives Oral History Program, together with UW Digital Collections, is pleased to announce the following updates to the Oral History Program online collections.

The following interviews are now available via OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer), which offers enhanced access to the interview material, including clear segment breaks and fully searchable indexes. Catalog records for each interview are also available in the UW Digital Collections.

Many thanks to the University Archives’ and Digital Collections’ student assistants and staff for their work making this material available.

Capitol Protests 2011 Oral History Project

Protest Against Governor Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill. March on Capitol Square and Rally. BDP000224
Protest Against Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill, 2011. #BDP000224

After the protests against 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, the “Wisconsin Budget Repair bill,” the Oral History program collected stories from graduate students, UW faculty and staff and other Madison residents.

New Interviews on OHMS:

View the full Capitol Protest 2011 Oral History Project.

View a gallery of images that document the Wisconsin budget repair bill protests in February 2011.

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