Facilities Master Plan

Over the last year, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries have developed a long-term facilities master plan we believe offers a thoughtful and strategic approach to the libraries’ ongoing role as a fundamental part of a successful university. With the assistance of several campus divisions, as well as a team of architectural and research consultants from brightspot strategies (New York) and Engberg Anderson (Milwaukee/Madison), the master plan was created to guide the long-term development of spaces that will support services that enhance teaching, learning, and research, while creating a cohesive campus library identity, over a 25-year timeframe.

The master plan ties together the work underway with strategic planning, consolidation, and service delivery. The master plan provides a rational, sustainable, long-term plan required of a large, complex, and distributed library system.

It is important to recognize that master plans naturally evolve as priorities and in-depth details emerge throughout the process. In the next phase, the implementation of the master plan recommendations, the libraries will work with the University Library Committee, and other representatives of the research community, to ensure that decisions made serve all sectors of campus.

View the Consultants’ Full Report here

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Project Work and Engagement Timeline

Our consulting groups, brightspot and Engberg Anderson, scheduled campus visits between December 2016 and December 2017 to engage with students, faculty, and staff. 

  • The consulting team’s Draft User Research Report can be found here.
  • The presentation from the April 25-26, 2017 Town Halls can be found here.
  • Introductory remarks for the Town Halls from the Vice Provost for Libraries can be found here
  • The presentations from the December 7, 2017 Town Hall can be found here.
  • Minutes from the November 29, 2017 Design Review Board can be found here.

Click here to view a video recording of the second presentation, which occurred at Steenbock Library.

Project Engagement Process and Timeline

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