Facilities Master Plan

The Campus Libraries Facilities Master Plan is intended to provide direction for campus library buildings through the next 20-25 years. Beginning in November 2016, a team of consulting groups from Engberg Anderson (Milwaukee / Madison) and brightspot strategies (New York) began working with the Libraries, in coordination with UW–Madison Facilities, Planning & Management, UW System, and the Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development, to create a master plan. Throughout the process, several workshops and outreach efforts were held to engage the campus community, as the Libraries recognized the community’s input was imperative to designing the most successful plan for the future.

The Master Plan ties together the work underway with strategic planning, consolidation, and service delivery. These activities are individual, but must also merge to enable implementation of contemporary library services, modern learning spaces, and the expertise needed to provide support for teaching, learning and research. The master plan provides a rational, sustainable, long-term plan required of a large, complex, and distributed library system.

Public Forum Notice

Libraries Complete Long-Term Facilities Master Plan, Prepare to Present at Campus Forums on Thursday, December 7 (more information)

  • Time: 12:00-1:00pm
  • Location: Memorial Library, Room 126


  • Time: 4:00-5:00pm
  • Location: Steenbock Library, BioCommons

*The Final Report will be available to view soon.

Project Work Timeline 

Our consulting groups, brightspot and Engberg Anderson, scheduled campus visits between December 2016 and May 2017 to engage with students, faculty, and staff to:

  • Gather input on the draft report on library user feedback, building from each onsite visit and the faculty survey conducted (December – May)
  • Review the draft scenarios for future campus library locations (April/May)
  • Discuss the next steps in the master planning process (April/May)

In April 2017, a series of town halls on campus were held to provide faculty, students, staff, and the community updates on the process. The draft scenarios presented during these sessions were further built out over the summer, based on the feedback received through the town halls, the online comment form, and ongoing discussions with the master plan steering committee. The final trip to campus by the consultants to present their reports (trip 6 in the initial timeline) was scheduled to take place during the 2017 summer months. However, this master plan process required significant data gathering and research from entities across campus, with adequate time to compile and review. With the mindset that the master plan must be exceptionally constructed, the project team pushed back the final engagement trip to September 2017 to allow for the appropriate work by the consultants.

During the September 2017 visit, the project team worked with the steering committee to analyze the scenarios and make a decision on the one that would be provided in the final report and recommendations. The team planned to make the final trip to present the final report and recommendations to the campus community in December 2017.

  • The consulting team’s Draft User Research Report can be found here.
  • The presentation from the April 25-26, 2017 Town Halls can be found here.
  • Introductory remarks for the Town Halls from the Vice Provost for Libraries can be found here
  • The Final Report and Recommendations will be posted here soon

Feedback from our campus community may be submitted here.

Question about the facilities master planning process may be directed to Carrie Kruse.

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