About our Collections

Steenbock Library provides access to print and electronic books and journals in the broad areas of agriculture, biology, botany, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, engineering, life sciences, natural resources, primatology, veterinary medicine, and zoology.

Philosophy and Priorities

Resources are selected to support the important, innovative, and interdisciplinary work of UW-Madison faculty, research staff, graduate students and undergraduates.

Steenbock Library’s collections align with campus research initiatives aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives and the environment they live in.  Current research areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Human, plant, and animal health
  • Food and biological systems
  • Healthy ecosystems
  • Bioenergy and bioproducts
  • Economic and community development
  • Diversity in STEM


Location of Physical Collections

Books: 1st floor
Journals:  3rd & 4th floors
Government Documents:  4th floor
University Archives:  4th floor

For a more detailed list of item locations, visit //cms.library.wisc.edu/steenbock/collections/stack-guide/

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