Gifts & Donations

COVID-19 Update Regarding Donations of Materials
Due to the COVID-19 response, we are unable to accept gifts-in-kind at this time.
This update supersedes other information on this page until future notice.

Gifts of Books or Other Materials

Steenbock Library accepts gifts of books and other materials that fit into the scope of the collection. Book donations will be accepted with the understanding that they will be retained or disposed of in the manner most beneficial to the library.

The library will provide an acknowledgement for materials donated. However, the appraisal of a gift to the library for income tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.

Questions on gifts should be directed to Karen Dunn.

Monetary Gifts

Gifts to the library to purchase books or other materials are a wonderful way to recognize special individuals or to memorialize family members, colleagues, or friends. The giver may indicate a particular topic or type of material to be acquired with the donation. Individual bookplates are placed in each item, and letters of acknowledgement are sent to designated individuals as well as to the donor.

Other monetary gifts to the library, not specifically for books or other collection materials, are also welcome. For information, please contact Jean Ruenger-Hanson, Head of Steenbock Library. Phone her at (608) 263-6048 or send email.