Book Donations & Semiannual Sale

We appreciate all of you who saved your materials for us! We are gradually accepting donations on an appointment basis now. Materials must be in document-sized boxes with lids for storage (no bags or open boxes).  Please use this form to schedule a time to drop off your gift. Thank you for your patience!

The love of books is the common denominator of the UW-Madison Libraries and the community at large. The Friends are proud to serve as a valuable conduit between the two simply by collecting and sharing your used books. Whether you have books that are no longer needed or are looking to expand your collection, you can help the library.

Used book donations are received and sorted by the Friends all year long. While some are added to the University collections, many are made available to the public during our much-anticipated semiannual sales in the spring and fall. Through these book donations and sale purchases, old books find new homes and valuable support is provided to the library. Share your love of books with the Friends!  We welcome your contributions.