Book Donations


Donations are welcome throughout the year and are tax-deductible.  We are happy to accept hard cover and paperback books of all types, as well as music LP’s, CD’s, and DVD’s.

Materials may be dropped off at the Lake Street dock of Memorial Library weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. This space is monitored so it is not necessary to ring the bell at the dock or to wait for staff to open the door.

Please clearly mark the boxes or bags as a donation to the Friends of the Libraries. If you wish to receive a letter of acknowledgement for tax purposes, please include your name and address on each box and/or bag.

If you are on campus and you have materials to donate, you may drop them off at a campus library, or (if you are in a building without a library) you may arrange for a pickup by the UW Truck Service (608-262-1574). This service is free for a small number of boxes; for a large number of boxes, please contact Carol Schlatter at Memorial Library to arrange for a special pickup.

All gifts of materials support the mission of libraries and are greatly appreciated. Books, music, and other items donated to the Friends are most often used in the book sales, the proceeds from which support the operations of the Friends of the UW-Madison Libraries. Item donations are also reviewed by library bibliographers with an eye toward filling needs in the collections.

For more information on the sales including how to donate books, arrange a pick up, or volunteer for the book sale, please call the Friends office at 608-265-2505 or Contact the Friends.

Friends of the UW-Madison Libraries
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