The Friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries exist to support the operations of the UW–Madison campus libraries, particularly in maintaining, expanding, and preserving the libraries’ collections. These collections, spread among more than 30 campus libraries, are a gathering point for students and scholars from across the state and around the world. Now more than ever, support is necessary in order to maintain a world-class library system.

Since our founding in 1948, the Friends have organized events aimed at bringing members of the campus and the wider community to the UW-Madison Libraries. The Friends also support the Libraries through grant programs designed to fund purchases and preservation needs, that may not fall within the regular library budget, but which often add a margin of excellence to the collections. The Friends also fund visiting scholars through our Grants-in-Aid program.

These programs are funded through membership and other donations, and by our semiannual book sale. We are always interested in new Friends. Membership in the Friends brings many benefits, including invitations to special library events; subscription to UW-Madison Libraries the library magazine; and borrowing privileges at the many campus libraries. Beyond this, of course, support for the Friends brings the satisfaction of helping this great institution.

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