Diversity, Inclusion & Equity at Steenbock

Statement of Values

The UW–Madison Libraries will continue to look for ways to eliminate undue hardship for the patrons who use our collections, services, and facilities. We will continue to work to ensure we provide welcoming and inclusive surroundings for all who wish to take advantage of our spaces and services. Actions meant to hurt, alienate, or divide this community will not be tolerated.” 

General Library System Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Services and Events

Finding Yourself in STEM

Example event flier

STEM majors can be isolating and hard to navigate. Finding Yourself in STEM is a student-led series to build community, practice self-care, and talk through how to succeed in the STEM fields. All events are free and open to all UW-Madison students. Questions? Contact Heather Shimon, heather.shimon@wisc.edu.

Past Events

  • Book Club: Race after Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code, by Ruha Benjamin, in which she defines the New Jim Code as “the employment of new technologies that reflect and reproduce existing inequities but that are promoted and perceived as more objective or progressive than discriminatory systems of a previous era.”
  • Citizen Science & STEM Outreach Panel: Professionals and graduate students spoke about the impacts and connections made through outreach, and shared their motivations to pursue STEM. Watch the recording (36 minutes).

Library Spaces

If you need space to gather, meet, or plan, we’ve got you covered.

Building accessibility

Entrance on Babcock Drive (east side of building) has a power door with buttons for automatically opening doors.

Reflection Space

The space is intended for brief retreats from studying and users are encouraged to relax, take a moment and clear their minds.

Restroom Facilities

Restroom facilities can be found on each floor of the library.  A gender neutral and accessible restroom is located on the entrance level to the library.

Disability Services

The UW-Madison libraries are committed to providing access to all library facilities and collections for people with disabilities.



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