Citizen Science Month, April 2021

April 1, 2021

Citizen scientists advance knowledge by observing phenomena, recording data, and assisting, actively, with professional researchers in the field. Projects abound for students, as well as for members of the general public, in-person or online. Visit our library guide to learn more about citizen science and the projects to which you can contribute. The In the Spotlight” page identifies a few projects coordinated by campus and Wisconsin state researchers including:

  • Great Lakes BioBlitz
  • Journey North: Tracking Migrations and Seasons
  • Snapshot Wisconsin
  • The Tick App
  • WiBee (Wisconsin Wild Bee App)
  • Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Network

As we celebrate Citizen Science Month, we invite you to join us for a special Finding Yourself in STEM panel, “Citizen Science & STEM Outreach” on April 14 (6:00 PM, Central Time).

Panelists–professionals and graduate students–will speak about the impacts and connections made through outreach as well as their motivations to pursue STEM. They will also answer questions about the projects to which they have contributed.

Panelists include: Natalie Bueno, Program and Partnership Coordinator, Northwestern University; Dr. Letimicia Fears, Resident Scientist, Vanderbilt University; Tomás Yan, Science Educator, Metro Nashville Public Schools; Sarah Dance, graduate student, UW-Madison Environmental Chemistry and Technology; and Maddie Mathews, graduate student, UW-Madison Environmental Chemistry and Technology.

Spring 2021 virtual events will be hosted on Zoom; register to receive connection information at: