Virtual Events for Spring 2021, Finding Yourself in STEM

March 12, 2021

Finding Yourself in STEM is a student-led series to build community, practice self-care, and to talk through how to succeed in STEM fields. Events are free and open to all UW-Madison students. Spring 2021 Virtual Events will be hosted on Zoom; register to receive connection information at:

Mark your calendars for two virtual opportunities!

Book Club, Wednesday, March 31, 6:00 PM (Central Time)
Join a discussion of the book, Race after Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code, by Ruha Benjamin, in which she defines the New Jim Code as “the employment of new technologies that reflect and reproduce existing inequities but that are promoted and perceived as more objective or progressive than discriminatory systems of a previous era.” Discussion will focus on Chapter 5: “Retooling Solidarity, Reimagining Justice,” but join our ongoing discussion board to explore all chapters as you read more.

For a free online version of the book, enter your NetID at:

Sheriff Issaka and Keyi Wang will join the discussion to talk about AI4Afrika, a team of undergraduate innovators, who are building inclusive AI technologies to address societal issues, especially those facing People of Color. Please note that there will be an occasion to learn more about AI4Afrika in advance of the book club event on Tuesday, March 16 (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM, Central Time). Pre-registration is required to receive a Zoom link: This event is sponsored by UW-Madison’s African Studies Program and the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute.

Citizen Science & STEM Outreach Panel, Wednesday, April 14, 6:00 PM (Central Time)
Join us during Citizen Science Month (April!) as we speak with professionals and graduate students about the impacts and connections made through outreach. Panelists will share their motivations to pursue STEM and will answer questions about the various projects to which they have contributed.

Panelists include: Natalie Bueno, Program and Partnership Coordinator, Northwestern University; Dr. Letimicia Fears, Resident Scientist, Vanderbilt University; Tomás Yan, Science Educator, Metro Nashville Public Schools; Sarah Dance, graduate student, UW-Madison Environmental Chemistry and Technology; Maddie Mathews, graduate student, UW-Madison Environmental Chemistry and Technology.

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