Category: history of science

  • Special Exhibit Hours for UW-Madison Science Expeditions 2019

    Posted on Apr 4th

    We’re delighted to be one of the “destinations for exploration” in this year’s UW-Madison Science Expeditions, the annual campus-wide open house that […]

  • Women Writing Works on Natural History

    Posted on Mar 8th

    In observance of International Women’s Day, we call your attention to works on natural history by women authors included within our Cairns […]

  • Tracing Snowflakes

    Posted on Dec 19th

    Unseasonably warm temperatures here in Madison have recently melted what little snow we have received this season. By way of what we’re missing, […]

  • Mandrake in Dodoens’ New Herbal (1578)

    Posted on Oct 12th

    In honor of this weekend’s symposium “On Human Nature: Machiavelli’s Mandrake at 500,” we offer a look at the account and depiction of the […]

  • “Stupendous and Marvelous Secrets”: Secret No More (Part II)

    Posted on Oct 3rd

    We continue our exploration of so-called books of secrets (secreti italiani) in the Duveen Collection, recently digitized as part of the subcollection […]

  • “Stupendous and Marvelous Secrets”: Secret No More (Part I)

    Posted on Sep 9th

      Some of the smallest treasures of the Duveen Collection of Alchemy and Early Chemistry, cataloged under the collective title of “Miscellaneous […]

  • Alchemy and Other Curiosities

    Posted on Jul 6th

    This year’s Madison Early Music Festival, with its theme “A Cabinet of Curiosities: Journey to Lübeck,” offers us the opportunity to showcase […]

  • “A Boiling, Surging, Roaring Ocean of Fire!”

    Posted on May 20th

    In light of recent news re ports and striking video of an eruption from Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, we revisit here […]

  • Stains in Special Collections

    Posted on Dec 12th

    The presentation about the Library of Stains project on December 13 prompts us to look at different sorts of stains in Special Collections […]

  • On Working and Labor Day 2017

    Posted on Sep 1st

    Although the campus is buzzing with the excitement of football — first home game tonight — and the beginning of classes next […]

  • Darkness at Noon (More or Less)

    Posted on Aug 20th

    Like other special collections libraries prompted by tomorrow’s solar eclipse to post images from their holdings, we weigh in with examples from, […]

  • Electrifying Displays

    Posted on Jun 11th

    Our current exhibit, “Natural History :: Natural Philosophy,” includes much about that quintessential topic of 18th-century natural philosophy, electricity. On display are […]